Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its not Obama's fault

Nothing ever is....

The entire "throwing out the 1st pitch" event the other day was a disaster for Obama. A pathetic ugly toss, then a complete crash -n- burn interview where he couldnt name one player past or present on his supposedly beloved Chi White Sox, and mispronounced the name of their stadium in a manner that would have gotten George W. Bush skewered for a week.

Oh, and dont forget the meandering, incoherent mouth garbage of a response he gave when trying to cover for his fumble on the fav player question, that somehow ended up with him liking Oakland.

Well according to Obama's home town birdcage liner the Chi Tribune, none of this debacle was Obama's fault. All the blame belongs to his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel for not "preparing" him adequately.

So, knowing that he was going to be on TV at a baseball game wearing his White Sox hat claiming to be a big fan, he needed to be prepared to answer who is favorite player is by someone else? WTF?!?

What a complete phony.

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