Monday, April 26, 2010

Sarah Palin 1 - Barack Obama 0

In the latest blow to Sarah Palin's critics and more evidence that her analysis of Obamacare was much more accurate than the misinformation that came out of the Obama administration, the existence of "death panels" has been verified by Obama's own Budget Director Peter Orszag.

That means, if you need cancer treatment, you will only get it if the government thinks its financially viable and you are worth the expense of life saving care. Its a level of power no bureaucrat should have and will lead to the preventable deaths of untold Americans.

Way to go Democrats, another day, another Obamacare lie exposed. We must repeal this bill before it destroys lives.

Sarah Palin was right on the money. Do you think the media will apologize for bashing her when she made this correct prediction?

Via Gateway Pundit.

Sarah Palin was right.
Barack Obama’s nationalized health care bill includes powerful health care rationing “death panels.”

Obama Budget Director Peter Orszag admitted earlier this month that:
A Powerful Rationing Panel (Not Doctors) Will Control Health Care Levels
Naked Emperor News

Maybe this is what Michelle Obama meant when she said Americans will have to sacrifice with Obamacare.

Related… Democrats ready insurance price controls to offset the huge insurance premium hikes Obamacare will trigger that they swore up and down Obamacare would not trigger.

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