Monday, April 5, 2010

Manic Monday

Happy Monday....thats my fun day.....i dont have to run day....

Anyway, lets start the week with some news that puts another shiv in the credibility of the main stream press. If you listen to the narrative they have been selling for the last year, you would think the Tea Party is a group of right wing extremists who are racist, bigoted, homophobes clinging to their guns and religion.

Turns much of what the media reports these days....its just not true. According to a survey 4 in 10 Tea Partiers are Democrats or Independents. Almost half of the group consists of people who dont consider themselves Republicans.

I couldnt believe it either. Ive been beaten about the head and neck by the media for so long, i guess i was starting to believe their bias a little myself.

The truth always seems to back up our side, doesnt it?

Maybe thats why the Tea Party now beats Obama in an election. Thats right, anybody from the Tea Party is more popular than you never would have guessed that.

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