Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Britain has lost its soul

The once proud country has been taken over by socialists and lefty intellectuals who think they can manage society through social programs and enlightened thinking. Well like EVERY SINGLE TIME LIBERALS GET THEIR WAY....not only has it failed, it is in the process of destroying an entire country who was once the most powerful nation on the planet. It is so sad to watch the cancer like slow disintegration of our sister in history, but it was predictable.

Liberalism fails. Every time. PERIOD.

It destroys ambition, the family, motivation, the human spirit, and eventually an entire people.

Replace faith in God with faith in politicians and government and you will be disappointed, you will not succeed, and you will always be left in need.

Is this the kind of America we are hoping for someday? Keep voting for Democrats and i guaranTEE you will get it.

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Up to 75% of births to be outside marriage in Britain by 2014

Up to 75% of births to be outside marriage

THREE-QUARTERS of children in some parts of Britain will be born to unmarried mothers within the next parliament, official figures indicate.

The number of births to single mothers and unmarried cohabiting couples is set to exceed 50% across the country in the next five years.

However, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest that births outside of wedlock in some areas are already the norm and continue to rise.

Knowsley, Merseyside, one of Britain’s most deprived areas, has the highest proportion of children born to unmarried mothers, with the figure on course to hit 75% by 2014.

“It’s tremendously worrying,” said Ann Widdecombe, a former Home Office minister. “I think marriage has become devalued, as people don’t respect their wedding vows and therefore others don’t see the point of it.

“Children do much better at growing up against the background of two parents who are married and stably so.”

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