Monday, April 12, 2010

Government run health care nightmare # 3826

The government has a horrible record running health care in every other country on Earth.... why people want to give them this kind of power and control here is beyond all logic.

This kind of horrific mistake will soon be commonplace in America.

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Organs 'removed for transplant without consent'

Organs may have been removed from deceased people without their consent after a data-handling error by the NHS.

The blunder meant 800,000 people on the UK donor register may have had their wishes about the use of organs for transplant wrongly recorded.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that 45 of them have now died - and 20 families let organs of relatives be taken based on incorrectly stored information.

But the details of many donors' preferences were accidentally deleted in 1999.

Joyce Robins of pressure group Patient Concern told the Sunday Telegraph: "This government has got an absolutely dreadful record when it comes to data, but it is horrific that such sensitive details were handled in such a careless way."

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