Friday, April 2, 2010

Poor dear leader

Its just so sad that Barack Obama, the most powerful man in the world, has to deal with talk radio hosts. How can he be expected to deal with such spirited opposition?

Pfffffft.......could his ego be ANY more fragile?

I cant believe a man who says things like this is surprised some of us dislike his methods and policies.

If i was President im sure there would be quite a contingent of left wing wackos calling for my defeat or worse, but i wouldnt cry about it.

It just makes him look weak and petty.

Anyone with an objective point of view can see this for what it is, whining.

I believe that Rush has beaten him at his own game and that bugs Obama.

All in all, it should be below a President to directly address citizen opposition. Politicians will always have opposition by design, deal with it. If you do a good job, it wont matter what someone says on a talk show.

He got elected didnt he? Sorry actually doing the job isnt as easy as giving a speech.

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