Friday, April 2, 2010

You big fat lyling liar who lies

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has spent the time since the Washington DC Tea Party slowing walking back a claim that he was called a "n*gger" and spit on by protesters.

Originally, he boldly accused Tea Party activists of racism and assault by saliva dismissing any doubt the events had occurred.

Now, forced to back up his claims after multiple videos of Rep. Cleaver's contact with the protesters showed no such racism or spitting, Cleaver is backing away from the charges.

In other words.....this piece of human debris purposely lied about the incident in an attempt to slander the Tea Party movement for political gain.

Worse yet.....he is now claiming he never made the accusation.

Cleaver is now running away like the coward he is, not even able to admit he made a mistake.

A racism charge is serious business in today's day and age. It could end your career in certain circumstances, so for a Congressman to LIE, bold faced, about American citizens practicing their 1st amendment rights, in order to marginalize the entire movement, is more than sickening and hateful.

Democrats have spent an entire year trying to delegitimize this group of Americans. A group who is just standing up for freedom against a growing and increasingly tyrannical government. To attempt to smear them with fictional accounts of racist and vulgar behavior just shines a spotlight on the tactics and lack of integrity that is now common in the Democratic party.

I could spend an entire post listing the racist things Democrat leaders have said and been ignored, but i find it much more interesting that the left must invent racism on the right to be disgusted by, while it has surrounded them on the left for 40 years.

More coverage Here with part two HERE.

Do you understand why the Democrat Party activates my gag reflex when in my vicinity, now?

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