Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obamacare nightmares in your future

This is sick but par for the course when government is in charge. It drives me up a friggin' wall that any one in the world accepts this, let alone Americans.

Im speechless.....

Whole sick article HERE.
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ObamaCare, British Style: Bonuses for Service Denied

The beauty of capitalism is that it gives everyone an incentive to provide others with the goods and services they need. Socialism offers incentives too — but like everything on the left, they are depraved. From Airstrip One, which has already taken the plunge into the English version of ObamaCare:

Patients' groups expressed horror at the "sick experiment" in which NHS [National Health Service] managers have agreed to pay £38 for every casualty that ambulance staff "keep out of Accident and Emergency" (A&E) departments after a 999 [their version of 911] call has been made.

That is, Big Government pays people NOT to provide the "free" services taxpayers are bled white to finance.

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